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Hills Road Student Council 2017-2018
Evren Uygun - Chair

Welcome to HRSFC Student Council

Welcome to the Student Council website! Our job is to represent students within the College and make student life here better, for example by organising events and making new amenities available.

The Council is governed by our Constitution, which outlines how we operate and what we do. The day-to-day management of the Council is done by 11 elected Officers (meet them here), but big decisions are taken by a vote of form reps in the General Meetings, which any Council member (which includes everyone who hasn't opted out) can attend and speak at. You have the right to elect your form reps and officers annually.

Keep checking this site, and our social media pages, regularly to find out what's on. We always love to hear from you, so please send questions, comments and anything else to StudentCouncil@hrsfc.ac.uk, or email the relevant officer. You can also phone us (01223 247 251 ext. 1320) or just come and say hi in our office at the end of the hub. We look forward to hearing from you!