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Hills Road Student Council 2017-2018

A more democratic Council

Finn's policy | Email them Email

Background: The council effectively operates without democratic process: form representatives are rarely or never included in policy creation or implementation, and there is little direct consultation. The executive controls the entire business of the council, leaving the voice of the student body with no place, except in annual elections of officers, which are too unreliable a method of maintaining democracy. # Wherefore: I shall implement constitutional and cultural changes so that form representatives truly represent their forms, and every member is able to express their views and influence the creation and implementation of policy.

PROGRESS: The EC is currently drafting and refining constitutional reforms, which it hopes to put before the whole Council early next academic year.

A more effective Council

Finn's policy | Email them Email

Background: Currently, council process delivers little in the way of tangible results with respect to students' experiences and rights at Hills. Wherefore: I shall lead the council efficiently, taking everyone's views into account and maintaining a balance between input and prerogative to realise genuinely significant changes. I shall work closely with the college leadership and the corporation to implement policies beneficial to students' lives and representation at the College.

PROGRESS: Quite hard to measure! We've had a few issues in our first term, but they have now been resolved, and we look forward to building on some great work so far to have a productive two terms next year.

Animal charity enrichment

Tolu's policy | Email them Email

Work to provide Y12's with the opportunity to volunteer at local animal charities as part of their enrichment requirement

Animals at exam time

Theo's policy | Email them Email

Have dogs/animals in at exam times to de-stress students

Car parking and traffic mangagement

Ev's policy | Email them Email

Cambridge has become notorious for its appalling traffic conditions. Since Cambridgeshire County Council introduced a £1 charge to park cars at Park & Ride, the use of the service has dropped with more cars making their way into the heart of Cambridge instead. I aim to represent the 2400 students of the college at the Cambridge City Deal, ensuring our voices are heard. I also want to look at discounted car parking for those who still wish to make their way in by car. I hope to strike a win-win deal with Cambridge Leisure regarding this matter.

UPDATE - In June of last year, I represented Hills Road at the bus forum, where I highlighted the problems commuters are facing, including the unnecessary £1 parking charge at Park & Ride. Unfortunately, after attempting to contact the Leisure Centre on a number of occasions, I was unable to reach management.

Charging points

Rahul's policy | Email them Email

Install charging points in computer areas.


Georgia's policy | Email them Email

A supportive hills road who will help any student with their own fundraising projects, and international, national and local fundraising schemes

  • 2nd hand clothes sale in the quad - June
  • Sponsored world record attempts
  • Hills Road charity busking / hills gigs
  • Christmas aid programmes shoebox collection etc. - December
  • Talks from local charities - September
  • Themed days for Sport Relief - March, Children In Need- November, Remembrance Day - November
  • Hills Road Bake Off round 2 - July
  • Collect old books to donate to developing countries at the end of the year - July

PROGRESS Bakeoff raised plenty of money for East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH), and plenty of books have been collected to donate to students in developing countries. a collection was taken for victims of the Grenfell tower tragedy.

Charities + Events

Tamara's policy | Email them Email

I'm hoping to liaise closely with the Charity, Welfare, Equality and Diversity committees to bring you events that support charities that matter to you and raise awareness for issues, especially those currently effecting young people such as mental health and sexual identity and orientation, through a variety of appeals, discussions and socials.

Charities votes

Georgia's policy | Email them Email

Consulting you with votes as to who we will support.

PROGRESS: This year's main chrity was chosen by polling the form reps.

Charity opportunities

Georgia's policy | Email them Email

Working with local charities to create opportunities for students.

Dietary requirements

Theo's policy | Email them Email

Greater food choice and labelling in café direct and the hub for those with dietary requirements

Digital Complaints

Ev's policy | Email them Email

If we are to hear the views of such a large college, a digital system is needed for such a technologically recognised campus. I will, over the summer holidays, write software that will keep us up to date with the grievances of students

UPDATE - I have put the progress bar back to zero on this policy. After wishing to accomplish this last summer, I was instructed to come back after Christmas to look into implementing a grievance system. After sending my design off, I have never heard a reply, even after sending reminder emails.


Jamie's policy | Email them Email

  • Strive to get discounts between Hills Road and the surrounding shops.
  • Work closely with nearby coffee shops and cafés to push for local discounts to ensure that all Hills students can use these brilliant facilities.
  • Work together with the local community to make Hills students a key contributor in the local community to regain our positive reputation.

Drop-in Sessions

Ev's policy | Email them Email

Some will argue that making the council a digital one can segregate us in one way or another. Therefore, I promise to make drop-in sessions available for those who wish to address their grievances personally.

UPDATE - Drop-ins have been running since the end of exams in 2017.

Eating spaces

Ev's policy | Email them Email

We are already discontent with the lack of eating spaces available within the college. To make matters worse, Café Direct are preventing people from eating unless they purchase food from there. I promise to make more rooms designated eating rooms with clear indication on the college map as to where they are located. Students should be allowed to eat wherever they want regardless of where they have purchased their food.

UPDATE - The map in next year's planner will indicate which rooms are eating spaces. More rooms are said to be on the way too!

Ecosia search engine

Tolu's policy | Email them Email

Have the Ecosia search engine, which donates 80% of its profits to environmental causes, open automatically on all school computers alongside the intranet page

PROGRESS: Unfortunately, it looks like Ecosia can't be switched to in the browsers at the moment. However, Ecosia should be made a available soon on the intranet portal page.

Ethical food

Tolu's policy | Email them Email

Work to maximise the number of Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance food served in the school cafe


Tamara's policy | Email them Email

Continuing with past Hills events like HillsFest and HillsGigs, as well as last summer’s Bake Off but introduce a variety of new ones too like an outdoor movie in summer with a barbecue and picnic, a Christmas fair, an upper vs lower tug of war and a Bonfire Night (if approved by College).
Considering that we are no longer able to have events at the Junction, I will look into alternatives approved by the College at an another venue or on College grounds. Holding events that the college student body want. If students have any suggestions or don’t like the sound of an event or think of a way to improve one, I will fully take these on board and alter as required.

PROGRESS: Bake-off has been a great success, and after feedback from the students and student reps, more exciting events are plannned for autumn and winter, including an outdoor cinema screening.

Flower beds

Tolu's policy | Email them Email

Improve Hills Road's general appearance and biodiversity with the addition of flower beds open to student contribution

Gender-Neutral Toilets

Theo's policy | Email them Email

Put two gender-neutral toilets in College.

PROGRESS: Completed spring 2017.

Greater political engagement

Finn's policy | Email them Email

Background: As citizens of a democratic society reaching the age of democratic participation, it is our duty to engage with political processes, flawed as they may be, to push for the realisation of our visions for a better society, and to encourage our peers so to do. Hills already has a strong core of political engagement, but more could be done to include those for whom politics is not a major interest. Wherefore: I shall hold a 'register to vote' drive, and expand our programme of political events, talks and schemes to increase political interest and engagement. I shall use the council as an opportunity for the student body to engage, representatively, with local politicians and organisations, and work closely with the NUS officer to encourage participation in local, national and international political campaigns.

PROGRESS: The hustings and register-to-vote drive were a great start to the year ahead of the unexpected general election. We are currently working with Daniel Zeichner on local transport, and hope to be working with other local politicians more closely in the future. The NUS Officer has been doing great work in this area, and some more NUS campaigns will start in earnest early next year.

Mental health absence

Theo's policy | Email them Email

To be able to certify an absence due to mental health 

Mental Health Reform

Ev's policy | Email them Email

Mental Health is an important issue at hills that needs looking into ASAP.

I will be in talks at the college mental health steering group (MHSG) to understand the way mental health advice is reviewed in college.

UPDATE - Because of my timetable, which means I cannot attend MHSG meetings, Jamie and Emily have been attending instead who have provided input surrounding mental health matters.

Player of the Match

Rahul's policy | Email them Email

Introduce a Player Of The Match bonus for every positive result in major team sports.

Political engagement

Jamie's policy | Email them Email

  • Make sure that the cross-party debates continue into and throughout next year.
  • Strive to make Hills a platform for everybody to voice their opinions and to have their voice heard.
  • Work with the societies officer to grow the existing political societies and address areas of political representation which have not yet been addressed.
  • Bring national NUS supported campaigns such as the ‘votes at 16’ campaign to Hills as well as developing campaigns run by the NUS at Hills such as ‘HILLS ISN’T MOVING’

Recording of Meetings and Talks

Ev's policy | Email them Email

In order to increase student engagement, I promise to make all mass meetings recorded, placing them eventually on ClickView where people who missed talks from MPs etc. can catch up.

UPDATE - Large SC events such as the hustings and the Bake-Off have been videoed. Although they are not on ClickView, they can be found online or can be sent upon request.

Recycling bins

Tolu's policy | Email them Email

Accompany every indoor waste bin with a recycling bin and a poster showing concisely what can be recycled

PROGRESS: Plans for bins are underway.


Ev's policy | Email them Email

We are an executive body whose role is to represent all HRSFC students. The students voted for us and should also be allowed to vote on the way their council is run whenever a change to the constitution is made. I promise to make an electronic referendum available for all changes to the constitution.

UPDATE - The new constitution will now require any future amendments to go to a college referendum.

Renewable Energy

Ev's policy | Email them Email

Our college can do its bit for the planet by signing up to an energy deal with Ecotricity, an energy supplier that uses renewable sources to produce electricity.

UPDATE - According to the college, an energy supplier is chosen yearly. I have suggested Ecotricity to the college and estates have taken this into consideration.


Rahul's policy | Email them Email

Increase the number of socials and introduce sport-specific socials. Implement a structure to profit from merchandise etc. from these events.


Lottie's policy | Email them Email

Make societies the cornerstone of Hills Road.

Achieve this by:

  • Emphasising the importance of socialisation at hills road amongst studies, and how societies are ideal to meet like minded people (perhaps ur soul mate)
  • Regulate the structures within societies
  • Alter the times of the main societies e.g. main party political societies, debating, med soc etc. to free periods to preserve lunch times
  • encourage the establishment of new, up to date societies
  • Make potential society goers aware of the extrinsic rewards of societies, how they will benefit them and how they demonstrate ideal uni/employee traits e.g. dedication
  • Merge all of the political societies (e.g. conservative, green, liberal, labour) to one 'Parliament society' to increase debate and model the parliamentary structure

PROGRESS Planning for next years' societies and the societies fair is going well.

Student involvement in events

Tamara's policy | Email them Email

I’d love to bring events that could give the college community a chance to take a more active role in organising and creating the events that you want to attend. Whether this be through making posters, performing or suggesting ideas and ways to improve and change what is on offer, I want students to help design the events that they want and will go to.

PROGRESS The Events Officer has been taking plenty of feedback about events, especially from general meetings. Loads of people were involved in bake-off - watch out for more opportunities in the future!


Jamie's policy | Email them Email

  • Expand the existing ‘HILLS ISN’T MOVING’ campaign to give students a voice when it comes to transport.
  • Work constructively with transport companies to put student travel on their agenda.
  • Collaborate with other colleges in the region for a larger impact and greater change.
  • Implement real student rates for individual and season tickets.
  • Push for a more frequent, reliable and convenient service.

Water fountains

Tolu's policy | Email them Email

Significantly increase the number of water fountains to make purchase of plastic water bottles obsolete.

WE&D committee

Theo's policy | Email them Email

To set up an equality subcommittee 

PROGRESS An application form will be sent out in September 2017

Wi-Fi Boosters

Rahul's policy | Email them Email

Install Wi-Fi boosters in areas of the school where Wi-Fi is weak.